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HEAT SENSITIVE items, such as chocolate, caramels, marshmallows at this time will not be shipped during warm weather months.  If you do order a heat sensitive item during these months we will call to confirm that you do indeed want that product.
FRAGILE products.  There are a number of chocolate products that are fragile and may not survive shipping we would consider these products a high risk of breakage or damage no matter how well we package them.  These products will be marked 'FRAGILE SHIPPING NOT RECOMMENDED'.


If you do order a heat sensitive or fragile product to be shipped please note that we cannot guarantee these products will arrive in its original shape.

Heat sensitive and fragile products can be ordered and picked up at our Lakefield store.



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By Credit Card via PayPal Secure Gateway - No PayPal account needed.



By Credit Card over the phone - Choose this option when checking out.



You may send a money order, cashable in Canada - Please include your order number.






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